How to Darn Jeans – video

How to Darn Jeans

I will show you how to darn jeans at home. Here is an old pair of jeans. First of all we outline the damaged area, and get a patch of a certain size. Then we measure the maximal length and the width of the patch. Take another old pair of jeans and lay aside the necessary length and width on a suitable side. For example, I have 32 by 15. We will cut it, beginning from this place. We have 32×18 in total with the margins.

So we have cut out a rectangle and edged it. We have margins on the length as well as on the width. Now we need to transfer the necessary perimeter to the wrong side. How can we do this? We just put the pins at the fix points, so that we can see them from the other side and outline them.

Now turn the jeans inside out. Draw a line according to the pins either with a pen or a pencil.

We will apply a woven interfacing to the most defective places. It is a kind of gauze with dotty gluing on one side. Stick it with the help of an iron. If you don’t have a woven interfacing, you can apply a laying, tacking it in a dense manner to avoid crumbling. So now it’s ready. Then we need to lay the patch on the jeans and tack it or fasten it with pins at your choice. I’m going to pin it along the perimeter.

We have pinned the patch from the outside and now we can turn it back. We are going to stitch it according to the chalk line.
Stitch it along the chalk line without making barred ends. As we finish we will pull the fibers out to the wrong side and make a knot there. Ok, we have finished with stitching; now we can cut the fiber, turn it inside out and make a knot there. Remove all the tacking or pins, which kept the patch, and proceed with zigzag, which will be situated on the holes themselves. Ok, this patch is also finished. One more patch to go. We will run it from the corner in the same way. All right, clean up the work, iron it and darning is finished.

Here are the subtitles. If you don’t see them on the video check your YouTube settings.

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