How to Sew a Dress from a T-shirt – video

How to Sew a Dress from a T-shirt

Today we are going to sew a dress from a T-shirt. I will show you some basic actions. This is an interesting creation, which will freshen your stock of clothes and bring it to date. To make this you need a T-shirt at your choice, a piece of fabric either a new or an old one. It should be 50 sm in length and 1.5 m in width, this is a standard pattern. As a result you will get such a dress. As you can see 50 sm of the fabric will be used for a neck hole, wristbands and a skirt.

We have a T-shirt, which will be run in the following way: first of all we measure the width of the cuff, where the wristbands will be situated, plus 2 sm for the seam allowance. As a next step measure a neck hole under the gorge itself. To measure the length of the whole neck hole line the tape in the following manner. We do it before cutting because the quality of the processing will be damaged after removing the neck hole. Ok, we have taken the measurements and added 2 sm for the seam allowance. You don’t have to measure the width of hips, you should just measure your thigh. So we measure it according to the most prominent dots. You may need to look in the glass. If you have a little belly, locate a tape a little bit upper and measure it this way. Say I’ve got 100 sm.
Then we need to cut away the cuff. To do it you should fasten it with pins so that one armhole coincides with another one. A seam must lie on another seam. Pin it this way. That’s all. Now we can smooth it down. Draw a straight line, according to which you are going to clip the sleeves. Just cut it this way.

When it’s done, proceed to the neck hole. Fold it carefully half-and-half, so that shoulder seams coincide with each other. Pin it this way. We will use the shoulder seams as fix points. Smooth it so that shoulder seams coincide with each other. You can a draw a line here in advance and cut according to it. Ok, now you need to clip the neck hole. That’s it, unpin it and put it aside at this point.

Then we turn to our fabric of 50 sm length. You can buy it in the shop or use some odds and ends. The latter is an ideal and cost efficient alternative for those who sew very often. So cut away a skirt of 30 sm full width. 5 sm of it will be used for turning in and for stitching to the lower part of a T-shirt. Having cut away a skirt you can clip 2 ribbons of 6 sm length: one is for upturns and the other one – for a neck hole in order not to spread it out once again. The upper part of the fabric should be run with wide stitch on the sewing machine. Just pugger it and stitch it on the T-shirt according to the width of your hips. Add 2 sm for the freedom of movement, so that it doesn’t cling to you. Say I have 100 sm plus 2. Then you need to tack the puggered skirt to the lower part of the T-shirt. But before you go any further, turn in the skirt to avoid the fabric loosening during the fitting. Then tack it to the T-shirt. We tack everything for the fitting. Then we clip a necessary upturns and neck hole length. Stitch them and tack to the cuffs and a neck hole by folding them in halves. Try it on. If you are ok with it, stitch everything on the sewing machine, i.e the skirt, the cuffs, the neck hole. After that serge the edges using the serging machine or zigzag stitch. You should just iron it in the end and you get such a dress.

We will make a dress from a T-shirt. A dress from a T-shirt…

Here are the subtitles. If you don’t see them on the video check your YouTube settings.

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