How to Take in Pants – video

How to Take in Pants

I’m going to tell you how to take in a waistband of the pants. These pants are too big for its owner. He brought it to me as the desirable length of the waistband is 102 sm, and here we got 108 sm. It will be quite simple as we won’t need to refashion it; we will just make it through a seat seam.

In order to size the waistband up we fold it according to the center beam of the back sides and the center beam of the front side, so that it falls in the fly front fold. Ok, we have folded it this way. The waist length is 102 sm – and divided by 2 – 51 sm. Put the crease at zero mark. We got 51 sm right here, let’s put a mark on it. Then we draw a straight line from this place. Well, in my case I will have to unpick the waistband and the bolt loop. But if you need to take in more of the waistband length, you don’t have to unpick it; you may just stitch it first and then unsew it. But I’m going to unpick it now. Later I will show you how to stitch it.

I have just broken the bolt loop away and unpicked these parts. And while it is broken-up we had better cut the waistband in the area of seat seam in this way. We will unpick the whole seat seam a little bit later, when we will have a new stitch on it. I would like to show you how to run it without serging seam. Ok, now we are going to turn hand to sewing machine.

Now we need to stitch these small gaps… as well as these ones. Ok, now we just close this seam in order not to serge it, all the more not everyone has a serger. Put it in this way. Make the same thing on the other side. Now turn it inside out. So we are going to shorten it according to the mark which defines how much of the waistline will be taken in. We will leave cutting away of undue fibers for later. This stitch will go in the shadow of the seam, so we will sew the waistband up completely. Also you can stitch it after the taking in, or you can do it now – it doesn’t really matter. Ok, now one more stitch is left, and after that you can unpick the old one. You can also fasten it with pins or tack it. There is a thick barred end, so you had better protect the needle and the machine and do it manually. Ok, here it goes, now stitch it according to the marked line, gradually bringing it to naught. You should double this stitch as the seat seam is always under pressure. So stitch it for the second time and proceed to seam opening. Put away the old stitch if it’s necessary and that’s it.

Here are the subtitles. If you don’t see them on the video check your YouTube settings.

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